Mortgage Products Colorado

Considering a Home Loan?

We can help you with the following loan programs:

First-Time Home Buyers
Condo Loans - high-rise, non-warrantable with HOA issues
Condo-tel loans - allows daily or weekly rentals w/ front desk
New Homebuilder Loans
3% down payment conventional loans
3.5% FHA loans - Credit Scores from 580 and up; scores 500-579 are 10% down
Borrowers with 1 year old bankruptcy, short sale, or foreclosure
Zero down payment - VA Loans   (Members of Military including spouses)
2 to 4 units - Duplex, Triplex or Fourplex
Investment Property loans - including no job or personal income verification
1 or 2 Year Bank statement loans for self-employed borrowers up to $3 million (no tax returns)
Loans for borrowers with $500k liquid or more (high-net worth borrowers)
1 Year or 2 Years P&L by CPA for self-employed borrowers (no tax returns)
1 Year Tax Return for self-employed borrowers
Vacation and Second Home Loans
Jumbo loans up to $10,000,000
95% financing up to $1.5 million - 720 credit, Job & Tax returns, 1 year P.I.T.I reserves

» Commercial Real Estate Loans Colorado and nationwide

» Multifamily Loans for (5 or more units) in Colorado and nationwide

All program guidelines are subject to change per lender.
Minimum loan amount is $100,000 for residential; $250k for commercial
Not all applicants will qualify