Creative Alternative Income Loans

For high-net-worth Colorado borrowers with substantial assets in an investment account (Brokerage, IRA, 401K, CD, money market) but irregular or low income streams, qualifying for a mortgage through traditional channels can be difficult. This is where specialized lending products like the asset utilization mortgage provide ideal solutions.

Also known as asset-based lending or asset depletion loans, these non-QM mortgages assess a borrower's total assets rather than income. This empowers specific borrowers to achieve their real estate goals when conventional loan guidelines fall short.

Who Does the Asset Utilization Mortgage Help?

  • •  Entrepreneurs and self-employed with fluctuating earnings
  • •  Foreign nationals and expats with offshore assets
  • •  Trust fund and inheritance beneficiaries
  • •  Recipients of lawsuit settlements, lotto winnings, insurance payouts
  • •  Real estate investors using rental income to qualify
  • •  Professional athletes, actors/actresses

If you have over $500,000 in verifiable assets but less than 20% of that in annual income, this specialized mortgage solution may be ideal. Our mortgage experts can advise if you fit the profile.

Benefits of Asset Utilization Lending

  • •  Requires no income documentation (no tax returns)
  • •  Allow assets like retirement and investment accounts
  • •  Enables jumbo loan amounts up to $5 million
  • •  Lower down payments possible for strong credit profiles
  • •  Purchase or cash-out refinance allowed
  • •  Interest-only payments available

Tap into your substantial savings and let these assets work for you. Get matched with an asset utilization loan officer today to review your options.

Read how asset utilization mortgages provide approvable solutions for unique borrowers in Colorado.

Specific examples of who it can help

Early Retirees - Buying with IRA
Kevin and Jennifer retire early at 62 with $1.75 million in retirement savings and social security but no employment income. With an asset utilization mortgage, they can qualify to purchase a $900k Beaver Creek ski condo using their IRA balance despite little fixed income.

Entrepreneurs - Low Income
Brian owns a marketing firm and takes a minimal W-2 salary. His tax returns show $40k income but his stock and Roth IRA accounts reflects a $1 million balance. An asset utilization mortgage will approve Brian for a $750k Denver home based on his down payment and credit score over 700.

Foreign Nationals with large assets
Lucien a French Businessman has $2.5 million USD in European assets. As a non-resident alien, it is impossible for him to document U.S. income - but he qualifies for a $1.8 million Englewood luxury purchase through his offshore savings with an asset utilization mortgage.

Inheritance Beneficiaries
When Debra inherited $1.2 million cash from a family estate, lenders hesitated to use the lump sum payout as qualifying income for a jumbo mortgage. But an asset utilization loan allowed her to use part of the inheritance into a $925k dream home near the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.

Professional Athletes
When John retired from major league baseball at age 36 he amassed $10 million from investments with a wealth management firm. Traditional banks declined him for financing due to his career status and his new salary as one of many assistant baseball coaches was insufficient to qualify for a jumbo mortgage. But an asset utilization loan enabled him to use his investment accounts to buy a $4.5 million luxury home near in Boulder after selling his current home.

We've also helped a pro basketball player who was playing overseas complete the purchase of a home using his earnings from abroad plus years of savings.

Expedite the Asset Verification Process

The mortgage process for this non-QM loan involves careful verification of your savings and assets by the lender. Having your financial records organized makes underwriting more efficient.

  • ✓ Gather 3 months of account statements for all liquid assets being used - retirement accounts, investment brokerage, money market, CDs, trust disbursements, etc. .pdf file format statements are preferred.
  • ✓ Keep records of one-time payouts like lawsuit settlements or inheritance that may count toward your overall asset total.
  • ✓ Expect the lender to discount asset balances 30-50% to account for market volatility risk when determining your qualifying amount. The more stable and liquid your assets, the better. 50% discounts apply to IRA's and 401Ls of borrower's who have not reached age 59 1/2.


The lender will want to see assets equivalent to 36-60 months of mortgage payments. For a $6,000 monthly payment, that equates to $216k-$360k in assets.
Retirement funds, investment holdings, money market accounts, CDs, trust distributions, cash payouts from legal settlements or inheritances. Cryptocurrency is not permissible and should be converted to U.S. dollars 30-days before applying
Minimum credit scores around 680 are typical, but stronger scores in the 720s and above are preferred for better rates. Good credit scores helps offset risk from lower income.
The interest rate are typically .125 to .25% higher than a 12- or 24-month bank statement loan. This means about 1.25% to 1.50% higher than a traditional income documented loan. Borrowers do have the option to buy the rate down.
Yes. However, the lender places a cap on the amount you can use to combine with your work income. This helps when your debt to income ratios exceeds the lender's guidelines when using only your personal income.
Yes, cash-out refinancing to access home equity is permitted based on your liquid assets and property value. This allows further liquidity.

Serving borrowers in all of Colorado: Boulder, Denver, Evergreen, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and mountain resort areas such as Aspen, Beaver Creek, and Snowmass Village.

The programs above are not available for homes with 20 acres or more, log cabins, hobby-farms, or agriculturally zoned properties.